Raoul Vecchio was born in 1985 on the slopes of Etna Mountain in Catania (Italy), the biggest active vulcan in Europe. After studies in aeronautics, he obtained his master degree of engineer and architect at the University of Catania in 2015 with the maximum of vote. He won in 2014 the Federico II International Solidarity Award, the Giovanni Lorenzin Award for Water Resource Protection Projects with a infrastructure design in Africa. In 2017 he won the competition for a commemorative monument dedicated to Elisa Springer, about Shoah memory and then he won differents awards in architecture and design contests.
He collaborates with prestigious European and African universities and offices for projects, international events, workshops and conferences. He develops many architectural, engineering, design and urban projects and his approach is to improve, through architecture, social condintions and develop the local economy to create self-sufficiency, also with an educational program and training.
The interests in cultures and traditions and the studies ofthe masters of Buddhist philosophy leave deep marks in his spiritual training, but also the great civic masters like Gandhi, Sankara and Mandela inspired his sense of altruism, which guide him to create the "Balouo Salo" Non Profit organization, composed by professional and renowned professors, whose goal is to develop humanitarian architecture projects to solve emergencies and improve life conditions. Raoul Vecchio develops different theories and concepts on the approach of projects of solidarity, integration and development, as well as the various historical and civic historical phenomena that have affected cultures. He devotes most of his life to social activities combating prejudices and stereotypes, promoting equality and peace. He is also a self-taught sociologist and anthropologist, promoter of African traditions, histories, cultures and languages.
He is the founder and president of the "Kaira Looro" competition, one of the largest and most important architectural competitions in the world. The purpose is to raise awareness of the international scientific community on architecture for development and emergencies. The competition enjoys the participation of famous international architectural firms including the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Cheickna Diebate
In the south of Senegal, in one of the villages where he works, a Griot family has given him the name Cheickna Diebate and has adopted him as a family member. This is a Griot's name. The Griots are a very important cultural figure in mandinga society and generally in the territories of sub-Saharan Africa. The Griots are people that transfer the knowledge of Africa. This name has gratified and give a strong sense of responsibility towards society because during his experience in africa he became a teacher and a promoter of a culture. The local people call him "the white Griot".

Raoul Vecchio african architect


2018 - Honorable mention, Panca d'Autore by De Biasi Marmi, Napoli, Italy
2017 - 1° Prize for the Memorial Monument for Elisa Springer, Comune di Manduria, Italy
2017 - 2° Prize for the Memorial Monument for di Pietro Mennea, Comune di Barletta, Italy
2015 - Prize Giovanni Lorenzin per progetti sulla gestione idrica in Africa, Portogruaro, Italy
2015 - Prize Solidarietà internazionale 2015, Federico Giovanni II, Rosolini, Italy


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