Bridge-Dam "Balouo Salo", Sedhiou, Senegal
Humanitarian project - Underconstruction
Social architecture and engineering projet, for the realization of bridge-dam of 853m long with aims to desalinize the river. The construction is between Sanoufily and Sambacounda villages, to solve a humanitarian emergency.
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Auberge Chez Nous, Sedhiou, Senegal
Commission - On going
Project for a new hotel in front of Casamance River with natural materials and new technical constructrion to preserve natural landscape and environment.
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Maison CD, Ziguichor, Senegal
Commission - On going
Projet de maison privée dans la ville de Ziguinchor, pour quatre familles, avec réinterprétation des hiérarchies sociétales
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Elisa Springer Monument, Manduria (TA), Italy
Competition winning project - Underconstruction
The winner project of the contest for the creation of a monumnet in memory of Elisa Springer survivors in Auschwitz's tragedies. The monument celebrates the writer's life through a reflection that evokes a memory of the suffering suffered.

Ecole de musique Aldemaro pour le jounes du Casamance, Zuiguinchor, Senegal
Proposal - On going
Aldemaro is a music school for young people of Casamance, to promote the preservation of musical traditions, to passing the history and culture of Africa as tradition of the project area.
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Kora Salo Monument, Sedhiou, Senegal
Humanitarian project - Underconstruction
A monument that celebrates Griot's presence in the project area, evoking the famous and legendary Kora musical instrument, giving it a divine role.

Memory refugees monument, Italy
Social Activism - On going
Monument to the memory of the thousands of victims in the clandestine trip between Africa and Europe, through the realization of a bamboo forest with areas of prayer and contemplation. The monument recalls the migratory path and its difficulties.
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Centre culturelle pour les jounes, Tanaf, Senegal
Social activism - On going
Project for the creation of a cultural center for young people in the village of Tanaf, through the realization of exhibition area, open space and didactic classrooms. The project is made by recycled and natural material, with technologies compatible with places and an architectural language that recalls local traditions.
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Ecole Konate, Sedhiou, Senegal
Social activism - On going
A project devoted to a young man who died in the illegal trip to Europe. The family wanted to build a school to train and raise awareness among young people.

Ecole Diabate, Sedhiou, Senegal
Evaluation g
A project to design a music center to teach the musica traditions, and produce musical intruments in a disadvantage areas, to preserve the local culture.

Sacred Architecture, Tanaf, Senegal
Kaira Looro Competition - Evaluation - Project by Natalia Serafin, Paulina Gorecka, Anita Wisniewska.
The winner of the contest, designed with a series of wooden blades that create a spiritual and contemplative path.

Monumento in Memoria di Pietro Mennea, Barletta, Italy
2° award Competition - No realization
Second prize of the competition for a monument to memory of the famous runner. The monument made through a glass plate that reminds Peter's life of Mennea.


2017 - 1° Prize for the Memorial Monument for Elisa Springer, Comune di Manduria, Italy
2017 - 2° Prize for the Memorial Monument for di Pietro Mennea, Comune di Barletta, Italy
2015 - Prize Giovanni Lorenzin per progetti sulla gestione idrica in Africa, Portogruaro, Italy
2015 - Prize Solidarietà internazionale 2015, Federico Giovanni II, Rosolini, Italy