Raoul VecchioSince 2013 I have been engaged in an activity as a humanitarian worker, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, through the design and management of charity projects of the Balouo Salo Association, the organization of awareness and fundraising events at international scale, the training and awareness of the local beneficiary communities.
At the basis of the work there is the idea of ​​creating knowledge, awareness and self-sufficiency, to do so it is not enough to "donate" something, such as a project, but an integrated system of activities and involvement is needed to create sustainability, both from a social, economic and environmental vision.
Each project is an opportunity to create self-sufficiency and improve the living conditions of communities in need, be it in the health, economic or cultural fields. The development and implementation of each project are based on principles of solidarity and cooperation, and based on methodologies and approaches that take into account all the social, cultural, environmental, religious and political dynamics of a territory, including every part of society and creating systems that are adaptable and consistent with the fundamental charters of international human rights, children's rights and gender equality, as well as the Sustainable Developments Goals.

Main humanitarian projects

2020 - Building of a Polivalent Cultural Center, Tanaff, Senegal
2019 - Diplomacy with Agricolture Ministry, Dakar, Senegal
2019 - Building of a Solar well with decontamination system, Sanoufily, Senegal
2019 - Education & Design of market, Penmba, Mozambique
2018 - Education in Primary School about Natural Ressources, Tanaff, Senegal
2018 - Building of a Solar well with decontamination system, Sambacounda, Senegal
2018 - Education in Primary School about Chimatic Change, Sedhiou, Senegal
2017 -2019 - Education for community empowerment, Tanaff-Baghere, Senegal
2017 - Education local communities, Tanaff valley, Senegal
2017 - Support to primary schools with educational materials, Tanaff valley, Senegal
2017 - Collaboration in design of Orphalins house, Kinshasa, Congo<
2016 - Design a Musical center, Ziguinchor, Senegal
2016 - Collaboration in design of ateler, Lomè, Togo
2015 - Teaching and workshop in local schools, Tanaff valley, Senegal
2014 - Design of a Monument for Reefugees, Sedhiou, Senegal
2013 - Design of a Bridge Dam to fight Climatic Change, Casamance, Senegal

Main fundraising events

2020 - Kaira looro architecture competition - EOC, World
2019 - Kaira looro architecture competition - Peace Pavilion, World
2018 - Kaira looro architecture competition - Cultural Center, World
2017 - Kaira looro architecture competition - Sacred architecture, World
2016 - Kaira looro workshop - Architecture workshop, Catania, Italy
2015 - Master Cup - Football cup for solidarity, Catania, Italy
2014 - Un Ponte per la vita - Concert for solidarity, Catania, Italy

Raoul Vecchio
Raoul Vecchio
Raoul Vecchio
Raoul Vecchio
Raoul Vecchio
Raoul Vecchio
Raoul Vecchio