The approach of architecture is based on responsibility and identity. Identity means the active involvement and active participation of the community without inequalities and stereotypes. An approach to seek the balance between man and nature, man and material, man and culture, then between man and himself. Each architectural design process takes into account the economic, social and environmental balances that characterize the context in which they are installed. The role of the architect is to be an interpreter of an awareness-raising process that sees architecture as a way to promote respect for cultures and environments. It is up to the architect to create, around the project, a system of connections and languages to allow the project objective to leave a mark of significant development in the places, using local or recycled resources, interpreting the landscapes and cultures with deep respect, to create freedom, self-reliance and identity. These responsibilities fall into a sphere of projects focused on cooperation, development and emergencies. The elimination of any cultural barrier, geographical and intellectual is essential to making development. We, as architects, have a responsibility for what we do on the spot area and for the approach that we use without creating dependence, increasing the freedom, destroying stereotypes and prejudices. But also, especially in my social activities, for what we do in the world through awareness raising and fundraising events that aim to engage the international community.

The love of architecture, art and nature, as these elements follow the nature and local cultures. The birth of the places is the result of centuries of experience and lived to pass on and promote in sensitive research to the wonders of the world. Cultures and traditions are a language that expresses the beauty of life. Every culture has a story to pass on and preserve, born from the transfer their roots from father to son . The present is just part of life. Raoul Vecchio's approach aims to promote and defend the cultural and traditional wonders of our planet, preserving them as priceless treasures. "True happiness is to give a smile" In a world of selfishness, son of a slave to the money system, it becomes important to promote the values that give strength to the life: brotherhood, friendship and love. These values must be promoted in every action of life. Raoul Vecchio's social commitment is a responsibility and necessity to the existence. But it is also a pleasure and an honor, because the best gratification that gives me life is to receive the smile of which i help. The Globalization and the innovation not controlled run has produced a distortion of the natural ecosystems that for millennia have adjusted our lives. Natural disasters are the result of man's uncontrolled actions. The nature give life, gives color to the existence and nourishes the humans. The environment is the true wealth of our planet, for this reason it must be preserve in every our action.