Child mortality
Analysis of the main causes and consequences of infant mortality in southern Senegal, through data and interviews. Conception of projects for solving the problem.

Demographic studies
Research on the demographics and social, economic and health conditions of the villages benefiting from the Balouo Salo projects, to identify the major problems.

Sustainable architecture and self-building process
Research on construction practices with zero environmental impact, with natural materials founded on site. Self-construction process with local communities through community participation processes.

Architecture for developing countries
Designing in a developing country is a particularly complex issue, because we have to consider the social, cultural and economic dynamics, which architecture has to overcome and solve with sustainable, sensitive methods, respectful of places and identities.

Development projects in Africa
It explores the true meaning of development and the methods of implementing projects aimed at creating self-sufficiency and operational freedom to create a process of knowledge and awareness in communities.

Sahel's drought
From 1965 to 1970, the Sahel is flooded with a strong drought that has led to the deterioration of climatic conditions, the effects of which are also felt in the 2000s, causing innumerable environmental and humanitarian disasters. The drought that has caused the weakening of agricultural and water resources, than 1 million people have died.

Casamance's hydrology, Senegal
The Casamance basin is a remarkable hydrological wealth, endangered by the salt intrusion phenomenon. The particular morphological conformation of the terriotory makes it an environment rich in flora and fauna, as well as special micro-climate

Salt phenomena in Casamance, Senegal
Climate change produces in the Casamance River a salt intrusion phenomenon and the river becomes hypersalate, destroying the environment and changing the river ecosystem.

Traditional local economy activities
Local economic activities in southern Senegal are based on ancient traditions and a cultural process of knowledge transfer, as opposed to a globalization process. The study investigates those activities that are particularly related to traditions.

Traditional cultures in Senegal
Senegal is a country where peacefully coexist over 15 ethnicities, each having their own language, culture and traditions. The study investigates the origins and the intertwining of the various traditional ethnics and the events of particular importance, which constitute an incredible cultural richness.

Diola's House
The traditional house of Diola ethnic is a cultural and architectural wealth endangered by Casamance conflicts (1980-2004) and globalization. The study analyzes the Diola house in the cultural and architectural aspect.