The love that is donated is forever, while all that is held inside is lost. There is nothing more rewarding and more valiant than love, brotherhood, friendship hidden behind the smile of someone who you help. My social commitment aims to eliminate any cultural prejudice and stereotype barriers created by globalization and contemporary society that creates cultural distances. Cultural exchange and collaboration between peoples can create a better world without inequalities. Since I founded Balouo Salo I fight against inequalities to help create a better world. All of us, as human , have the duty to do our best in all of our activities to create a world in which the values ​​of love and friendship are always at the heart of everything. In all the activities I carry out as an exclusive volunteer, despite the many sacrifices I feel a rich man, because the wealth that makes us happy is knowing that we have contributed to improving someone's life, giving the smile to others and to have created a loving future for the children of the world. I love life with all my heart, and my social commitment is the wealth of my life.

Activities & Events

- Memory Dindinya Art Exhibition, with Baye Gaye, Sebastiano D'Urso (Docente Unviersità di Catania), Francesco Ruggeri (console On. della Repubblica del Senegal), Ignazio Lutri (Presidente IN/Arch Sicilia) Catania, Italy,2017
- Memory Dindinya, Art laboratory with Baye Gaye artist, Catania, Italy, 2017
- Kaira Looro Competition Sacred Architecture, World, 2016/17
- Training/sensibilization program to primary/secondary school, Sedhiou, Senegal, 2016
- Kaira Looro Workshop, Catania, Italy, 2016
- Kaira Looro Exhibition, Catania, Italy, 2016
- Master Cup, Catania, Italy, 2016
- Partita della soldiarietà ACR Messina - Africa United, Messina, Italy, 2016
- Sport & Solidarietà, Catania, Italy, 2016
- Concerto Un ponte per la vita, Catania, Italy, 2016
- Giornata Mondiale della terra, Catania, Italy, 2015
- Sahel Drought and Intrusion salt phenomena, villages of Tanaf's valley, Senegal, 2015 - Save Resources program to local communities, Sedhiou, Senegal, 2015
- Education program to local communities, Sedhiou, Senegal, 2015
- Giornata mondiale dell'acqua, Catania, Italy, 2015
- Giornata mondiale dell'interculturalità, Catania, Italy, 2015