Balouo Salo
Founder & President

Balouo Salo - A bridge for life is a humanitarian project to resolve a humanitarian emergency for 80,000 people. This emergence is a direct consequence of the drought in the Sahel, which began in 70-80 years, and that caused the loss of agriculture and water resources, causing more than a million deaths and 50 million people in famine. Because of the drought, in fact, the tides of the Atlantic Ocean ascend the river Casamance, in the southern Senegal, making it saltier than the ocean, flooding farmland and contaminating the well water. Today, in the Sedhiou region, in Senegal, this phenomenon has caused the loss of thousands of hectares of potentially arable land and water contamination of the wells. 80,000 people daily risk their lives for malnutrition, illness and poverty. Balouo Salo intends to solve the problem with a dam-bridge in the largest valley of Casamance, the Tanaf valley. The dam will allow: agriculture on 10,000 hectares of land to feed more than 350 villages; decontamination of water wells, solving 70% of the diseases; the reduction of poverty due to agricultural activities.

Kaira Looro - Architecture for peace
Founder & Organizer

Kaira Looro in a international architectural event with the participation and collaboration of greatest architeture studies on the world. The aim is to develop design themes for particularly disadvantaged areas, to promote the cultural and social value in architecture, where the shortage of materials and high-performing technology pushes the architecture to the branch of sustainability and integration with landscape and culture, to reserach the balance between the man and the environment. Kaira Looro, that in Mandingo language means "Architecture for Peace", is not just architecture, but it also represents the link to a culture, a spirituality and research of interiority.
The first events has benn in 2016, It was a workshop. Then Kaira Looro become a competition with first edition for a Sacred Architecture. The competition enjoys the participation of architects from all over the world, and it's among the most important competitions in the field of architecture for emergencies and development. Often in collaboration with major architectural firms and prestigious universities.All proceeds, derived from membership contributions of the participants, are donated to the humanitarian organization Balouo Salo wich create humanitarian projeccts in Senegal, to help communities at risk. Among the architectural studio which partecipated to the last sessions: Kengo Kuma, Kaan, Bouman, ASF Italia, Tokyo University, Citterio, libeskind, Boeri, SBGA, X Architecten, Pilar, Achinauten, Adragna, ACA, MMA, Ferrara, In/Arch Sicilia, Arcò, Autonomeforme, Bag, Troy Archtects, Sorge, LSF, TAT.