Balouo Salo Non profit Organisation
Founder & President

Balouo Salo aims to deal with humanitarian and environmental emergencies within developing countries donating projects based on participation, equality and solidarity principles. We don’t receive any money and free operate upon a call for altruism. As a matter of facts, volunteers personally take part in activities, just trying to satisfy general needs of communities and solve problems affecting families within intervention areas. Our multidiscplinary orientation (architecture, engeneering, training, psicology, human rights etc.) allows us a wide intervention and creates transversal processes devoted to the improvement of general life, health and food conditions. Our contribution in societies building’s based on values such as solidarity, freindship, love, peace and cooperation between people and cultures, respecting cutoms, genders and religions.
In addtion to our practical intervention with respective projects, we econourage activities on the safeguard of environement, culture and customs as far as preservation of Fundamental Human Rights, focusing the attention of international community through the organization of events. Respectful attitude and cultural integration are main elements to succeed in our projects, which ,once entered different communities and villages, produce different effects depending on cultural and social interest about them. To that reason, we develop integrated implementive strategies based on analysis of social equilibrium and transversal approach, optimising participation, understanding and project management, all resulting in short and long term effects for a sustainable development of the territory. Awareness, Knowledge and participation are therefore main features to succeed, and to that purpose we always set those as primary elements for preliminary training activity and creation of a sustainble approach.
All our projects are aimed to realize a fact-finding and organizational system giving an active role to beneficiaries by attracting attention of every involved subject. For them to be longlasting and sustainble ones, the heart of such projects’ set upon training and education, providing necessary know-how skills that lead to an indipendent management of works and their replication. So that everyone’s assisted by an intense training programme that teaches cooperation fundamentals and values addressing adults as well as children.

Kaira Looro - Architecture Competition
Founder & Organizer

Kaira Looro - two words in the Mandinka language - one of the main ethnicities in northern Africa and the setting for the competition’s projects. The meaning of these words is purely spiritual, bound up with a profound, intense cultural approach like the Mandingos’. Historically, the Mandingo were all joined together in one kingdom ruled by King Keita. This kingdom stretched from Senegal to Burkina Faso encompassing Mali, Guinea, Gambia and Liberia. Today the Mandingo are mainly concentrated in Mali, south Senegal, Gambia and Guinea. Their approach to life is spiritual and centres around their divine faith, with even simple ways of saying “good morning” or “good evening” becoming prayers: “Alma kaira siyaa laa”, or “may God give you peace.” Kaira Looro, meaning “Architecture for Peace”, or “build peace” in Mandingo, is not simply a matter of an architectural process but a bond with culture, its spirituality and a search for an inner spirit set in reality using architectural meanings and passing through respect and humility. It represents a link to a culture, a spirituality and a search for inner reality. The Kaira Looro logo contains three simple elements: waves that represent Kaira Looro’s humanitarian goal, aimed - via architecture - at satisfying the main human needs: health, wealth and nourishment. Kaira Looro comes from a desire to create a better world based on principles of solidarity and cooperation, using an approach to architecture that is mixed with social and environmental contexts which are continuously being disturbed. The organisation’s ongoing search is an opportunity for further study into an essential topic to the development of our planet and solutions to many of its problems. Architecture for peace, which can be interpreted as a process of exchange and growth in the architectural world, where great minds, young people, professionals and organisations can share ideas in a search for the best solutions to protect our planet and resolve social deprivation issues.